The activities that take place in the L’hort Coworking ecosystem are called the Cultiu. All of them promote learning, cooperation, well-being and relationships among the members of the community.

We differentiate three types of activities: Les Eines, which are a selection of courses and practical workshops, among others, that are aimed at the professional profiles of coworking members. Les Llavors, are a space to share the knowledge driven by the members of the Planter and the L’hort team. Finally, the Rec, are the leisure activities.


In L’hort we do many activities: courses, talks, meetings, celebrations, afterworks and vermouths, among others. Activities that are an opportunity to cultivate the mind, meet people, make contacts, establish synergies or simply have a good time.
In any case, your contribution is what we value the most, be it with your presence or as the promoter of an activity.